Game Design & Development

We are physically attracted to games like moths to light or cats to laser dots.

Let’s make a video game, together!

What kind of game do you want?

Video games are entertaining and stimulating. Properly designed, they will turn tedious tasks into something amusing, explain complex concepts through interaction and increase the advertising impact of a brand or product. There’s no better way of doing something than having fun while doing it!

Applied games

Also known as serious games, applied games have an educational or divulgative purpose. They teach by doing through simulation and play, adding a layer of fun to the learning activity. After all, learning is all about fun!

Promotional Games

No matter whether it’s virtual in-game billboards, brand-inspired characters or a fun challenge to overcome in exchange for real gifts, advergaming has a stronger impact on the user than classic passive advertising. Just because it’s interactive!

Games for fun

Games are unique experiences. Make your users align their pieces, achieve impossible jumps, compete or collaborate to save the day while they enjoy a good story. We will design the perfect game to make your players have a good time!

Working together
to make your game


We can work as an independent contractor or become part of your team. In any case it’s you and us: no intermediaries will be involved.

Design and development

You have a clear idea of what to do? We can make it. You know what you want but not how to get there? We can help you from the early stages too.

100% Remote work

Since the very beginning of our activity, all of us work from home. We are used to it, we love it. We know how to work remotely keeping productivity levels high.

GMT Timezone

Wherever you come from, we can work with you. We live on GMT, making it easy to meet no matter if you live in the West Coast or Eastern Europe.

Platforms & Technology

This is the tech stack we are comfortable with, but we also have experience in research and development with experimental and edge technology.

Mobile (iOS/Android)

PC (Steam, itchio…)

web (html5)

vr (quest, vive…)

nintendo switch

unity3d (c#)

Defold (LUA)

PICO8, Godot

html5 (javascript, phaser)

backend (nodejs)

Stats & happy clients

Experience years

games of our own

projects completed

«We collaborated with PlayMedusa for a year on Creatures of Aether, an online card game, where they ported the game over to Steam/PC from mobile. They were outstanding in all aspects of the job, exhibiting superior knowledge of Unity and quickly understood the codebase. They proposed recommendations of game design, were extremely communicative and always were willing to go beyond what we expected. I could not recommend PlayMedusa enough, their work helped us launch into a new era for the game.«

Tako Boy Studios

PlayMedusa is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are they quick, capable Unity developers, but they are excellent team players and troubleshooters. They jumped in when needed to edit audio files, fix problems with 3D assets, and create visual effects. Most importantly, rather than simply «building to the spec,» they collaborated closely with our design team to make our Unity games as fun and engaging as possible. I look forward to working with them again!»


Tom Mott, Creative Director
Animal Island Learning Adventure

Trabajar con PlayMedusa ha sido un placer, son muy profesionales y se han implicado en el videojuego educativo que han creado para nosotros desde el principio hasta el final. Recogieron la idea que teníamos y aportaron sus conocimientos y experiencia. Hicieron realidad lo que teníamos en mente, superando todas las expectativas y adaptándose a todas las necesidades que teníamos. ¡Gracias! 

Raquel Gamero.
Técnico de proyectos educativos en Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD)

Featured work

AILA Sit & Play™

Learning games for preschoolers

Creatures of Aether

Mobile to PC (Steam) port


Mobile (iOS/Android) game for the divulgation of Human Rights

The Docker's Game

Mobile (iOS/Android) game. Ship loading puzzle arcade.

About us

If there is one thing we do like, it’s video games. We grew up playing them, we still do, and now we make them too.

We are a small group with more than 15 years of experience. We published our first commercial title in 2009 (Sound Juggler, iOS) and started offering game development as a service in 2011.

We work on something we love, from home, with the flexible timetable that such a creative activity requires.

And we do this from a privileged place: the Canary Islands, a hub that brings together America, Europe and Africa, enjoying a mild climate throughout the whole year, fantastic beaches, wondrous mountains and otherworldly volcanic landscapes.

Our games

Titans Came from the Ray

Our second collaboration with the Isla Calavera Fantasy Film Festival, 2020, which rendered tribute to the special effects titan Ray HarryHausen on his 100th anniversary. His creatures inspired us to create a game where players can flatten cities while looking for their offspring. Quite a charming one!

An American Werewolf in L.A.

An American Werewolf in L.A. is our tribute to ’80s arcade and classic beat’m’up. Created for the Isla Calavera Fantasy Film Festival 2019, which main theme was The Werewolf (with stellar guests like Rick Baker and David Naughton, both of them starring in the game), An American Werewolf in L.A. could be played in three arcade cabinets placed at the theater entrance. Also available for Windows!

Crossing Galaxies: Starworm Raiders

Crossing Galaxies is a quite big and daunting project that we have had in mind for a while. Starworm Raiders was the first (mini) game in this universe. It was designed and developed to be played against a friend and revealed at the Indie Zone of the Tenerife Lan Party in 2018. After more than 350 matches and 19 versions hot-fixing bugs and balancing gameplay the game is now available for Windows, OSX and Linux. Fly your mining starship, harvest crystals from the skin of a starworm and reduce your competitors to spacedust to steal their cargo!

Inky Caps Clash

It was not our first local multiplayer game –we made one that could be played on a cocktail arcade machine in the Tenerife Lan Party, a quite huge local event- but it was the first one to be published in mobile devices.

Inky Caps Clash (2016, PC/iOS) is a local multiplayer game in which you must cover the ground with your team’s ink before the music ends. Free for all or teaming up: run, clash into your adversaries and paint it all!

Not available anymore, though.

Dale al Play

It was contract job for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, but in Dale al Play (2015, played on stage) we were granted creative freedom to do whatever we wanted with the available budget. That’s why we consider it a game of our own! It’s part of a series of concerts for families in a peculiar format: attendees enjoy orchestrated videogame music, a stage play and get to save the day by playing videogames!


Slider (iOS/Android, 2014) began as a final degree project, but turned up into one of our favourite creations. A game designed to offer short and challenging game sessions! Evaluate the board, draw the best path, slide through enemies and break your own highscore. Simple but compelling!

Pixel Theory: Leviatán

Pixel Theory is a collaborative movie that explores, from different points of view, the consequences of the creation of The Program. Leviatán is its prequel, designed as a mini point’n’click adventure. What apparently was just an unimportant maintenance issue in Pandora Corp. HQ, soon turns into the most important crisis in the history of the corporation.

When we were asked to take part in this project just for love (and a bit of fame and glory), we jumped in with both feet. An outstanding team, a great idea. Results could only be superb!


Rejuice! is our most casual game. We experimented with, back then, an original game mechanic. A Match-3 (group and remove same color pieces), with physics. And lots of fruits.

Published in 2012 for Android, it is the first game we tried with a free distribution model with advertisements. Sadly, it’s not available anymore.

Rain, Sand, Stars

In 2012 Tsuyu embarked upon a quest: to save the galaxy, one planet at a time. A titanic task for a tiny creature!

With Rain, Sand, Stars we explored the design of a game divided into levels. The idea was to group, in turn, those levels into planet systems with their own inhabitants. Finally the game was published with just one system, the Yaks’. We’d love to expand it someday. Younger players love it!


Oddy Smog's Misadventure

Initially Oddy was a maintenance robot. Then we thought it could be a white rat trapped in a huge machine. It finally ended up being a charismatic black smoke climbing the entrails of the machine from which the Smog that Engulfs Everything erupts.

Our second game, published in 2010 for iPhone 3GS and later on Android phones and many other devices (Ouya, GameStick, LeiaInc…).  The good critics it received encouraged us to create more games.

app_store_logo google_play_logo

Sound Juggler

Our first game, published in 2009 when the iPhone 3GS came out, was our initial contact with the Apple Store and our main working tool, Unity3D.

Our goal was to create something simple and entertaining where music had a fundamental role. The result was better than expected and we still remember our joy when it was published.

But times change fast and at some point it was removed from the store… We never updated it because we were working on new games.

Game Jams &

personal projects

Designing under heavy constrains – time, resources, theme… – can lead to original mechanics and games you feel like making just because.  Game jams and personal projects are perfect to explore ideas! We have some of these in our site. Most are playable online, so you are invited to visit and have some fun!

itchio samples

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